Ten rescued reticulated pythons released back into wild

The Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources (OCENR), Office of the City Veterinarian, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources- Community Environment and Natural Resources Office- Protected Area Management and Biodiversity Conservation Unit (DENR CENRO-PAMBCU) released  a total of ten rescued reticulated phytons, eight juvenile and two adult, back into its natural habitat at Sitio Muruk, Pasonanca, this city. 

The eight juvenile reticulated pythons were among the ten eggs rescued inside a rest house at Barangay Cabaluay, this city. On the other hand, the two adult pythons were rescued from Barangay Upper Pasonanca and Barangay Mampang, this city.  The activity was in line with the celebration of the Philippine Environment Month.

  • Fernandez, 2023

Photo credits to K. Capuy, R. Albani, and L.P. Parcon (OJT-WMSU)