Dalipe to city gov’t workers: Stop doing illegal activities!

“Anyone caught doing illegal activities under my administration will be sanctioned accordingly.”

Thus, the stern warning of Mayor John Dalipe to all city government officials and employees during this morning’s flag raising ceremony, his first since ascending to power as city chief executive at noon Thursday, June 30.

“Na di atun administracion, I wish to reiterate, hende debe quita recivi o acepta soborno. I am warning you, no hay quien recivi lagay, under the table or kotong. Tan warn yo cun el di atun maga empleyado, descansa ya cun ese maga illegasl activities,” Dalipe said.

The young mayor was referring to reports reaching him about illegal collections from parking, comfort rooms, public markets, and even from photocopies of business permits.

He said “We will put teeth to my core advocacy on transparency and honesty. This ia a reminder to all of you here that anyone caught to be doing illegal activities under my administration, you will be sanctioned accordingly.”

At the same time, Dalipe appealed to all rank and file employees of the city government to help make his administration’s aspirations a reality.

“Let us come together and look at this time as an opportunity to develop Zamboanga to a different level,” he said, lamenting that Zamboanga has lagged behind other cities in this part of the country.-(Vic Larato)