Arena Blanco

Distance from the City Proper 9.26 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background Arena Blanco is an island bounded by the sea on the mouth of Masinlog River,repliche orologi a name coined from the name “Ilog Maasin”. “Ilog” in Tagalog means river and “maasin” in the vernacular of tausug, yakan and others mean “salty”. Hence, it literally means “salty river”. It is adjacent to “bilang-bilang”, the oldest established community in the vicinity.     

Arena Blanco derived its name from Spanish words which literally mean, “white sand” and construed to connote purity and simplicity of the natives way of life. They were purely “palu”. Other names to call them were given by their foes like luwaan, samal, badjao and extreme samal luwaan. These names were deliberately given to them to portray the absurdities of these humble, peace loving creatures, who love more than ever nature and the very people who oppressed their communal right of ownership. Cheap Jerseys MarketInspite of this, they calmly survive without any resistance and vengeance undertaken.

The Luwaan Samal and extremely called “Samal Luwaan” when at anger addressed by migrant surigaonons from the province of Surigao, were drifted long time ago by strong waves from east and reached Sulu Archipelago. There, they inhabited some of the places and became the aboriginal occupants of the upper lands. They are now being calledtausugs. The forefathers of this determined tribe were wanderers in the Visayan shores looking for green pastures and reached through Surigao Deep and now scattered over the lands of Mindanao to the southern most part of the Philippines.

Barangay Fiesta Fiestas are not celebrated since the inhabitants are predominantly Muslims.  Instead, festivities are observed during Hariraya Ei’dil Fitri as the culmination of the Holy Month of Ramadan.
Total Population (2007 Census) 10,621
Number of Households 1,439
Punong Barangay Mujib Mohammad N. Abdulhusin
Barangay Kagawad Ibno S. Idjah
Abdul-Aamin A. Pitoh
Khadafy B. Atti
Annie-Fie M. Tandiko
Mohammad S. Misuari
Alih M. Abdulhussin
Suharto A. Centi