Yakan Weaving Village

The Yakans, the original inhabitants of Basilan Province, are considered one of the finest weavers of the Philippines. The Yakan weave is so fine that it takes a week or so to finish a meter of cloth. The Yakan clothe commands a high price in well-known trade centers in the Philippines because of its design and craftsmanship. Here at the Yakan weaving village is around 7 kilometers from the central business district going towards the west coast of the city, this is where you can see the fine craftsmanship of the Yakans.


How to get to Zamboanga Golf Course and Yakan Weaving Village:

 You make take the PUJs to the Zamboanga Golf Course and the Yakan weaving village, from the public market look for a jeepney with the signage “Ayala” or “Sinunuc”, you may also take the vans for hire that pass by the area, just tell the driver where you will be getting off.