Office Divisions


     • Receives all types of communications
     • Prepares communications for actions
     • Handles the preparation of financial obligations such as payrolls and others
     • Prepares yearly budget proposal of the office and its supporting documents
     • Implements Civil Service Laws and Rules


  • Prepares Purchase Request for the purchase of all supplies and materials (by classification) intended for the City Government
  • Accepts and safe keep of all supplies and materials delivered.
  • Prepares SAI/RIS/OBR for signature of all Department Heads, School Principals, and Administrators and Presiding Judge.
  • Submits voucher of payment of supplies to the different suppliers (Local Purchases) and to the different National Offices (PS-DBM/National Offices/National Printing Office)
  • Informs the different departments, courts, and schools’ availability of supplies.
  • Prepares and distributes supplies/materials to all concerned.


  • Establishes centralized Records Management of Property, real or personal, owned by the Local Government Unit and those granted to it in the form of donation, reparation assistance, and counterpart of joint projects.
  • Takes custody of and be accountable of Local Government Unit Land Titles and other perpetual documents.
  • Prepares communications on matters pertaining to Rehabilitation and Demolition of government buildings/structures, Storage and Disposal, Custody and Maintenance of Property.
  • Provides technical advice for relief from Property Accountability and Certifies clearances to property.
  • Conducts annual Physical Counts of Property, Plant and Equipment, Work, other Animals and Breeding Stocks, and submitting report to the City Auditor and City Accountant not later than January 31st of each year
  • Handles the preparation of Insurance of newly constructed buildings/structures and its’ contents with the GSIS, and the renewal of Insurance premium.
  • Facilitates the disposal of unserviceable property through Public Auction or donation, in coordination with the Committee on Awards and Disposal.
  • Takes custody of Property to have become unserviceable from any cause or are no longer needed by the Local Government Unit and returned to the GSO for disposition.
  • After the disposal of supplies or properties, it facilitates the return of the properly accomplished Inventory, Inspection & Appraisal Form or the Report of Waste Materials duly acted upon together with a copy of Official Receipt, to the City Accountant, informing to drop the accounts from the Book of Accounts of the Department/Office concerned.
  • Conducts Inventory and Retrieval and Storage of Salvage Materials during the demolition of Government Building/Structure.
  •  Performs archival and records management with respect to records of offices and other departments of the Local Government Unit.*
  • Recommends to the City Mayor reasonable rental rates for Local Government Properties whether real or personal which will be leased to public or private entities by the LGU.*
  • Recommends to the City Mayor reasonable rental rates of private properties which may be leased for the official use of the LGU.*
  •  Upon approval of the City Mayor, assigns building or Land Space to Local Officials or other public officials, who by law, are entitled to such space.


  • Maintains and beautifies city’s parks and gardens, monuments and historical land marks;
  • Prepares/decorates the city during Yuletide Season, Zamboanga Hermosa Festival and other social activities of the city
  • Conducts regular inspection of street and traffic light facilities for maintenance/job as required.


  • Secures buildings, properties, records of the city government;
  • Ensures the protection of the life and limb of city government personnel and the transacting public at city government offices;
  • Supervises the maintenance of the aviary and swimming pools at Pasonanca Park;
  • Coordinates with the various law enforcement agencies (when the need arises) on security matters;
  • Acts on the implementing arm of the city government on administrative orders and the like relating security matters;
  • Assesses and recommends security requirements of the different city government offices;
  • Ensures the smooth flow of the delivery services to the transacting public at city government offices.