City plants 37k trees in reforestation project

Some 37,000 seedlings of indigenous species have been planted as part of the local government’s reforestation project in Pasonanca.
As of March 30, a total of 37,654 seedlings and wildlings were planted by personnel of the Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources (OCENR) within the Watershed Reforestation Enhance Project Site at the Pasonanca Natural Park / Protected Area.
The project planted Narra, Molave, Bitanghol, Nato, and Habuyu seedling and wildling species taken from the OCENR and Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) tree seedling nurseries. Wildlings were collected from the forest zones of Pasonanca and Tolosa.
The Watershed Reforestation Enhancement Project is a project funded by the City Government of Zamboanga City. Planting began on March 1, with some 50 personnel hired to augment the work force for the pre-planting and planting activities along the ridge areas on the eastern part of the City’s watershed.
To protect and facilitate the growth of the newly-planted trees, maintenance activities such as pruning and weed control will be carried out.
Source: Facebook page of Mayor Beng Climaco
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