1. Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
  • To avoid hazards and mitigate their potential impacts by reducing vulnerabilities and exposure and enhancing capacities of communities.
  1. Disaster Preparedness
  • To establish and strengthen capacities of communities to anticipate, cope and recover from the negative impacts of emergency occurrences and disasters.
  1. Disaster Response
  • To provide life preservation and meet the basic subsistence needs of affected population based on acceptable standards during or immediately after a disaster.
  1. Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • To restore and improve facilities and living conditions and capacities of affected communities and reduce risks in accordance with the “building back better” principle.
  1. Public Safety
  • To maintain peace and order, to prevent and suppress lawlessness, disorder, riot, violence, rebellion or sedition for the general welfare and its habitants, shall prioritize a public safety project that will provide a Command Center System (C2) and Incident Response Management System (IRMS) for the city.